CASART Training

Here is a list of core competencies that our different types of members are expected to achieve. Training is supplied free to members and is scheduled throughout the year.

Administrative Members:

The CASART Mobile Command CenterAdministrative members must be members in good standing as defined by the by-laws and successfully complete the following core competency training:
Receive training in administrative operations which covers the sign in/sign out process, public relations guidance and an overview of NYS DEC operations. Basic orientation class covers clothing and equipment selection and an introduction to the incident command system (ICS) Administrative members may wish to learn about our computers mapping and GPS systems.

Advanced training may include:
Radio operation and protocol, Incident Command System (ICS) and Equipment management

Field Members:

CASART Members in the FieldSearch and rescue operations will often occur during inclement weather, at odd hours and in remote areas. CASART is dedicated to safety and that starts with individual field member responsibility. Everyone is a safety officer at CASART.  We do not expect all field members to be experts at all tasks; however we do expect our field members to successfully complete training in the following core competencies in addition to being members in good standing:
Basic orientation class which covers clothing and equipment and an introduction to the incident command system (ICS).
Basic land navigation skills with map and compass.
Basic First Aid with CPR or advanced certification(s).
Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia behavior awareness class.
NYS DEC Basic Wild land Search Skills

Advanced training may include:  
Radio Operations
Rescue and Recovery techniques
Wilderness First Aid/First Responder/EMT
NYS DEC Crew Boss 


CASART utilizes instructors from within our ranks, from fellow search and rescue teams and other emergency service providers. We rely upon our local forest rangers to provide us with the NYS DEC training modules and additional on-going training as they see fit.
Questions or comments regarding training are welcome and may be addressed to the chair of the training committee, Charles Taylor, C/O webmaster.jpg (3766 bytes)


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