Schedule of Training, Meetings and Community Outreach Events

CASART field members are expected to attend as much training as possible and to attend at least one of our mock searches each year. If you have questions, suggestions or ideas let us know. All of our training events are open to members of other Search and Rescue Teams who are active members of the NYS Federation of Search and Rescue Teams.
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2018 Training and Public Service Schedule
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Mock Searches:

Mock Search / Navigation Exercises Based on Skill Level - Sept 16, Start Time Noon.
Location: Okara Road pull-off, southeast side of Rt. 28, between Otter Lake and Thendara,

Activity: 1) Give everyone a GPS, map of area, a radio, and a sheet with 1 or 2 problems,
a. Find UTM of current location from GPS in both NAD27 and NAD83 datum, radio in coordinates.
b. Plot compass course to some location on the map, give True and Magnetic headings, estimate distance, set compass and sight to a landmark. Goal is to get in a little map/compass work without taking too much time. Also the radio programming is new, so they’ll have to negotiate that.

2) Break into pretty small groups (ideally 3 per crew), 1 trained crew boss per group. Group crew boss will not be the crew boss, rather an ‘untrained‘ person, assuming they’ve been on a couple of training sessions, will be the crew boss. If anyone hasn’t been on any training at all, they’re the 3rd person in the crew. a. Give a simplified check sheet to each ‘untrained’ crew boss that steps through most of what they need to do.
i. Get a pre-mission briefing
ii. Give a pre-mission briefing to crew
1. Missing person info
2. Crew Assignment
3. Type of search, what that means, how to do it
4. Counting crew, having crew list
5. Discussions within crew, discussions with non-SAR folks, potential family
6. Handling media
7. Crew member capabilities/issues (medical experience, time schedules)
iii. Check for crew readiness/safety (water, shoes, food, medical issues, etc.)
iv. Radio check
b. Run a type 3 search Goal is to ‘learn by doing’, hopefully the crew boss will learn more by running a type 3 than by merely participating.
‘Trained’ crew boss is there to
1) advise during the session,
2) critique (gently, one-on-one with the crew boss, not with the whole crew if it didn’t go well),
3) ensure safety,
4) ensure it all doesn’t go of the rails. Should be pretty easy there to run at least 4 Type 3 searches all slightly different, a couple up the trail on either side, a couple along the road each direction, etc.
If you are interested in attending, please let us know.

Exercises may also incorporate other topics such as map & compass, fire building, shelter, pack contents, clothing, radio use. If there are topics of particular interest you would like training or a refresher on, please let us know.

Trail Maintenance: Arrangements for trail maintenance on several trails. Dates will depend on weather and conditions.

Please RSVP to if you plan to attend a session and check frequently for changes!

Other Training courses: Depending on interest, we can schedule and provide training on:
Winter Ready – are you ready to search in winter?
Incident Command structure
Clothing – what to wear (and what not to wear) in the woods and on a search
What’s in your Pack?
Map and Compass
Advanced Land Navigation
Found Person Care
If you have an interest in any of these topics, or in other topics appropriate to SAR, let me know and we’ll organize a class.

Attention Members of other NYSFEDSAR Teams - If we have room, you are welcome to attend our training sessions -- RSVP to

Community Events We Participate In

For Kids: HUG A TREE class -- what to do if you get lost.

CASART provides Trail Stewardship at for the trails around Moss Lake, Bubb and Sis  Lake trails and on Black Bear Mountain.

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