COVID had a huge impact on our ability to meet, train and even to how searches were conducted. As we return to a more normal set of activities we'll try to provide some updates. Members fee free to share your news pieces and memorandums based on your training, trail work or search experiences. If you have details that should remain private (for team members only)  we have a members area news page as well here.

Annual Meeting 2017

16 CASART team members attended our annual meeting at the Seventh lake House on Sat. Oct. 21, 2017, During the meeting Past President Roy Reehil announced the successful search that occurred near Saranac Lake that morning with a report from one of our team members who was present when the subject, a 66 year old male who had been missing for 4 days was found alive and was able to walk out of the woods under his own power. What saved him is that e had built a shelter and sheltered in place waiting to be found. A wise decision!
A new slate of officers was selected and that list can be found  here.

Annual Meeting and Mock Search

About 25 members attended our  mock search and annual meeting dinner on Oct. 5 at Moss Lake and the Seventh Lake House. President Roy Reehil's son Ethan played the part of the subject of the search and was treated and evacuated from the woods near Moss Lake with out backpack litter. Several new members attended both events. The social hour and dinner were great as usual and the highlights of the meeting were the election of officers, a change in bi-laws that removed the Assistant Field Officer position from the Board of Directors and the election of the team's first two Life members, Greg and Carolyn O'Hara. CASART Supports the Community

CASART is proud to announce that we are now the Trail Stewards for the trails around Moss Lake. on the Big Moose Road. We will also be supporting the OLD FORGE CANOE CLASSIC 90 Miler again this year, providing radios, spotters and emergency medical assistance.  

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Member Expectations and Members who are behind in Dues

According to current policies, CASART members are expected to: Remain current in their dues ($10 per year), attend at least one scheduled training event (as a student or coach) and participate in at least one Mock Search Drill or a real search each year.
If you are not current in training or dues you are in danger of being removed from the Team database. The address to send dues is CASART, PO Box 143, Inlet, NY 13360. If you believe our information about your dues status is incorrect please email webmaster.jpg (3766 bytes).

RSVPs for Training

From now on, we ask that you please RSVP for ALL Training. You can email the presenter, or webmaster.jpg (3766 bytes). It’s a good idea to check the website now and then for changes too: as the schedule has a tendency to change. RSVPing helps us to inform members planning to attend of any cancelations or changes

Website Updates

Beside the new Training Schedule we’ve added a place on the website for our members to sell, trade or exchange used or new equipment. It’s on the Uniforms and Gear page, so if you have something of good quality you’d like to offer to other members, send an email to webmaster.jpg (3766 bytes).

CASART on Facebook CASART on Facebook

Members will be able to get real-time announcements be able to put their own content and comments on the page. The page is here.

To find out more about the team or to get a membership application write to CASART at P.O. Box 143, Inlet, NY 13360, call us at 315-357-4381, visit our web site at, or send email to


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