CASART - 7th Activation

St. Lawrence County, NY 11/18/04

Adam Falcon or subject, a 20 year old student at St. Lawrence University, was reported missing by friends on Sunday the 14th. The subject had last been seen at a local bar in the village of Canton at around 0130 Sunday morning and was reported to have been drinking.
Village of Canton police, along with the NYSP, and local emergency services personnel searched for several days, finding the subject's cell phone and his hat, both several blocks from the bar. The Federation was contacted on Tuesday for possible assistance, but due to miss-communication was not requested until Thursday, the 11/18/04.

CASART was notified on Wednesday 11/17/04 by the NYSFEDSAR to activate the team for 7:00a.m. Thursday 11/18/04 and report to the Canton Fire Department 77, Riverside Drive, Canton, NY.  The following nine (9) CASART members responded to the search:             Gary Lee, Nancy Langham, Bob Liddle, Cheryl Lougeay, Ray Lougeay, Dick Olsen, Doug Pirnie, Roy Reehil and Bob Wheeler.

Federation personnel were teamed with Forest Rangers to search vegetated areas in and around the village. A K9 team was dispatched with the County dive team to assist with searching the river. The K9 team reported interest by the dog in an area upriver of the bridge and south of the dive team's current location. The dive master was informed and the K9 team returned to staging for reassignment. At around 4:00p.m., the dive team, now searching south of the bridge, reported finding a footprint, leading into the river. Another K9 unit was dispatched to the location and alerted strongly in that area. Divers were put into the river to investigate a "hole" in that area and located a body within minutes.
Based on autopsy results, it is theorized that the subject, under the influence of alcohol, passed out somewhere in the vicinity of where his cell phone was located. With night temperatures in the low to mid 30's, he might have become hypothermic and as a result entered the water in an attempt to "cool off", drowning in the process.

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