CASART - 5th Activation

Rensselaer County, NY 09/07-10/04

CASART was notified on Monday 09/06/04 by the NYSFEDSAR to activate the team for 7:00a.m. Tuesday 09/07/04.  Type III searchers had been requested by NYS Forest Rangers to search for William Lee or subject a 74 year old white male reported missing on 09/06/04 by his son who said he became worried about his father when he hadn’t picked up his newspaper.  The subject was considered somewhat of a recluse and had not left his house in years.  The subject was last seen at his home on Saturday afternoon 09/04/04.  The subject’s horse was also discovered to be missing.

The following thirteen (13) CASART members reported to the Incident Command Post at the West Sand Lake Fire Department:    Gerald Barr, Ron Dearlove, Jim Holt, Dick Lasher, Nancy Langham, Bob Liddle, Paul Littman, John Neeley, Greg O’Hara, Roy Reehil, Gary Scherzer, Ray Schoeberlein and Bob Van Slyke.

They searched from one to four days of the five day search in easy to moderate wooded terrain encountering hornet nests and viscous thorn covered vines in places.  They also searched in open fields and residential neighborhoods.  Police considered it to be a criminal matter and terminated the search on Saturday 09/11/04 without success.

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