CASART - 39th Activation

Essex County, NY, 11/29-30/11

CASART was activated on 11/28/11 by NYSFEDSAR to search for Russ Beede, 63 a male hunter. Beede had been the focus of a large-scale search led by the DEC since Monday, after he was discovered missing. The search centered around Beede's truck, which was found parked outside the entrance to the Adirondack Mountain Club's Adirondak Loj property. Beede had parked his truck there to go hunting by himself Saturday morning 11/26/11.

Staging was at the ADK LOJ, 7:30 AM Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

Search area was around the LOJ parking area below Marcy Dam.

CASART searchers who responded on 11/29/11 were crew bosses Greg O’Hara and Bruce Knudsen.

The following morning (11/30/11) Crew bosses Bruce Knudsen, Mike Krumme, and Nancy Langham, attended with field member Doug Pirnie.

All searches with CASART Members were type 3. Mike Krumme and Doug Pirnie were part of a group of 12 searchers, a few from SARNAC and local volunteers who knew the subject along with a ranger as crew boss. Their team made 2 passes on the side of Mt Jo, walking 5.7 miles. During the search, some foot tracks were spotted, so the ranger left the crew temporarily to check them out, and assigned another crew member as crew boss. The ranger returned to the crew after the 2nd pass at which time 7 crew members called it a day, and 2 fresh volunteers were added. Just after the start of a 3rd pass, the ranger spotted the subject under some fir trees, about 50 yards from the Mt. Jo trail. He was deceased.

No foul play was suspected.

Local News Report

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