CASART - 30th Activation

Montague Search and Recovery
Lewis County, NY 11/14-16/10

CASART was activated NYFEDSAR early Sunday morning, 11/14/10, to search for missing hunter Robert J. Levett or subject of Camillus, a 79 year old male. He had been missing since Saturday, 11/13/10. Mr. Levitt was hunting with his son in the Town of Montague in Lewis County Saturday morning, when the two became separated. State Forest Ranger Lt. Joel Nowalk said Levitt's son searched for his father for a few hours on his own, before calling the authorities late Saturday afternoon. Montague is about 10 miles southeast of Lowville.

All field members were activated and responders told to be prepared for all day assignments. Incident Command Post was at the Montague Town Hall, Salmon River Rd. Thirteen CASART members responded over three days of searching. On 11/14/10, Greg O'Hara CB, Ron Dearlove CB, Paul Repak CB, Chuck Taylor CB, Dave Lemon, Doug Adams, Christine Burnett-Wolle and Sarah Burnett-Wolle responded.  On 11/15/10, Bruce Knudsen CB, Paul Repak CB, Mike Majdak, Mike Krumme CB and Carl Pflanz responded and on 11/16/10, Nancy Langham CB responded

On Sunday 11/14, the search was somewhat disorganized and some assignments did not begin until about 2:00 pm.  Terrain was open hard woods between swampy areas with some patches of thorny vines.

On Monday, 11/15/10. Paul Repak was assigned a crew as he had his Boonville team radio. Bruce was assigned to a Type II in muck that was too wet to send type 3 searchers into. The wide spacing of his crew would have made it beneficial to have a radio as the supply was short. His team returned in the dark and the Ranger’s radio was about dead.  The son of the subject was on Bruce’s team and a daughter was with Paul. Most searchers were locals. Mike Krumme was assigned as crew boss for 7 searchers including several family members, friends and neighbors of the missing hunter. They searched their assigned area, a combination of  open deciduous forest, some swamp and low lands, and a lumbered area with a lot of left-behind tops. One crew member developed knee pain and was evacuated. The Ranger command and field leaders were in good control and as organized as they could be given the large area they were trying to cover. The day ended late and safely but with no clue of where Robert was.

On Tuesday 11/16/01 Nancy said things were very well organized. The subject was located, deceased, around 0930. Location was about .8 miles NNW of the LKP.  Subject was found by the helicopter in an area that was in the process of being Type II'd.  Location was on the edge of a very wet/swampy location. 

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