CASART - 29th Activation

Cattaraugus County, NY  11/13-19/10

CASART was notified by NYSFEDSAR of a request for Type III searchers & Crew Bosses to search for a 92-year-old male subject, Thomas Hamilton of Great Valley, NY. Hamilton was a former jogger who walked three miles a day. Mr. Hamilton and his 72-year-old daughter went for a hike on Wednesday, 11/10/10. At some point, the two got lost on the trail they were following and couldn't find their way out. It became too dark to hike back, so they ended up spending the night in the park. The daughter hiked back to her car in the morning to get help because her father could not make it back without assistance.  ICP staging  was at at the Summit Warming Hut Parking Lot at 7:00 am (UTM: 17T 0689678 4666372) South of Salamanca, NY (about 3.5 hours from Syracuse.) Searchers were told to pack for all day assignments. CASART Crew Boss Mike Krumme responded on 11/14/10. He reported that a large number of volunteers and numerous fire companies responded to this very large and well organized search. No clues had been found by anyone up to this time, and the reported last-known-point was questionable. He was assigned as crew boss for a team of 14 firefighters from 3 departments. They searched their assigned area, which was mostly open deciduous forest with all leaves down, but with very steep terrain. One firefighter on the crew turned an ankle and had to be evacuated by 3 crew members. Mr. Hamilton was never found and the search was terminated on 11/19/10.

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