CASART - 27th Activation

Lewis County, NY 10/11/10

CASART was activated for a search and rescue operation in the vicinity of Beartown State Park in Lewis County on Sunday 10/11/10 by the New York State Federation of Search & Rescue Teams. A 67 year old man, Larry Arnold or subject. The subject was reported missing Sunday evening by his family. He had been hunting with friends and while riding on his ATV it became stuck in mud. The subject said he was forced to take shelter in a generator shack overnight. It appeared he had a diabetic attack.
Nine (9) CASART members reported to the Staging Area at 8:00 am on Monday 10/11/10. Administrative members – Dan Carmichael, Kay Carmichael and Margaret O’Hara responded with the CASART Trailer for use as a field ICP, Field members – Chris Burnet-Wolle, Sarah Burnett-Wolle, Deb Bryne, Bruce O’Hara, Mike Romanych and Mark Shantz responded as searchers. Unknown to the CASART members, the Staging Area location had been changed and after about an hour they finally found the new Staging Area location and waited for assignments. The area dominated by large areas of swamp and woods. About 9:30 am they found out that the subject had been located at 9:20 am alive and well and returned home without searching.

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