CASART - 26th Activation

Jefferson County, NY 09/12-14/10

CASART was activated for a search and rescue operation in the vicinity of Rodman in Jefferson County on Sunday 09/12/10 by the New York State Federation of Search & Rescue Teams.  A 75 year old man, Hubart McCartin or subject.  The subject was reported missing Saturday afternoon by his family.  He had apparently traveled to his camp sometime Friday or Saturday morning, but family members found only his vehicle and dog when they searched for him there Saturday afternoon.  Family members had said he was showing signs of dementia.

Three (3) CASART Crew Bosses, Michael Krumme, Nancy Langham and Greg O’Hara reported to the ICP at the Dodham Fire Department at 8:00 am on Sunday 09/12/10.  Each Crew Boss was assigned a search block and a crew made up mostly of volunteer fire department personnel and a deputy sheriff.   The crews conducted Type III searches all day in intermittent rain over moderate terrain consisting of a mixture of open hardwoods and swamp filled with a growth of brush, vines with thorns and head high goldenrod.  A “ping,” recorded from the subject’s cell phone, was noted on a search block map where the subject had been on Saturday, but the search of that area did not find the subject.

Seven (7) CASART members Tina Bradt, KC Kelly, Christine Burnett-Wolle, Michael Romanych and Eileen Tobin including two (2) Crew Bosses Bruce Knudsen and Roy Reehil reported to the ICP at 8:00 am on Monday 09/13/10.  Roy was assigned to run bump lines with Ranger Coscomb. All others were assigned to crews and conducted Type III searches all day in similar weather and terrain as the previous day without finding the subject.

The search was continued on Tuesday 09/14/10.  No CASART members reported for the search.  The subject was found by a Type III team starting their search inside an area that had previously been Type II'd.  Due to vegetation and the topography where the subject was found, he was very hard to see.  The subject was located just outside the 1/2 mile ring from his camp, just west of the SW corner of Block 2 within 200 yards of the “Ping” location.

Preliminary information indicates that the subject passed away Saturday evening or Sunday morning.  Not sure what was the primary cause of him not being able to get out of the woods (medical issue or trauma), but he apparently died of hypothermia based on how he was found.  His cell phone was found with him and it was that cellular info initially obtained by Ann McBride (before the phone died) out of Raybrook that gave the Forest Rangers a good idea of where the subject might possibly be. 

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