CASART - 21st Activation

Herkimer County, NY 10/09/08

CASART was notified on Thursday 10/09/08 at 10:30a.m., by the NYSFEDSAR, to activate the team for immediate response.  Type III and Crew Bosses had been requested by NYS Forest Rangers to search for Dean Morey or subject a white male age 91.  The subject was last seen on Tuesday 10/07/08.  He lived with his 96 year old sister and did return for dinner that evening, but she did not report him missing.  Someone noticed his car parked overnight and reported the subject missing the morning of 10/09/08.  State Police and Forest Rangers conducted Type I searches in the morning without success and requested volunteer SAR teams to join in the search using Type III grid searches.  The subject was located by a Type III search crew about 1:30p.m., deceased.  The subject was believed to have been scouting a place where he would go hunting when the hunting season would open the next weekend.

 The following seven (7) CASART members reported to the Incident Command Post at the Norway Community Center to find that the subject had been located about fifteen minutes before they arrived: Joe Gelsomino, Todd Golem, Bruce Knudsen, Bruce O’Hara, Greg O’Hara, Roy Reehil and Charles Taylor.

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