CASART - 20th Activation

Oneida County, NY 01/06-07/08 & 01/12/08

CASART was activated for a search and rescue operation in the vicinity of the Village of Waterville in Oneida County on Sunday 01/06/08 by the NYSFEDSAR.  A 47 year old man, Greg Williams or subject was last seen on 12/31/07 at 9:00pm.  He was reported missing on Wednesday 01/02/08 at 2:30pm.  He left a note at home, dated Tuesday 01/01/08, saying he was going coyote hunting and walked from home.  It snowed about six (6) inches on 01/01/08.  His family reported he was dressed for the sub zero weather carrying a pack, 7mm rifle and snow shoes.  State Police and Rangers started the search on Wednesday afternoon. Temperature was -10 F Wednesday evening and the ground was snow covered.  The Incident Command Post (ICP) was set up at the Waterville Fire Station on Rt.12.

Fifteen (15) CASART members reported to the ICP at 8:00a.m on Sunday 01/06/08, Bryan Davies, Ron Dearlove, Todd Golem, Tom Grenier, Bruce Knudson, Michael Krumme, Amanda McGill, Jim Murphy, Greg O’Hara, Roy Reehil, Kevin Stimson, Tom Stimson, Charles Taylor, Eileen Tobin and Don Unsworth. Crews were formed mixing local volunteers with CASART personnel and Type II searches were run all day with no clues uncovered.

The search continued on Monday 01/07/08 at 8:00am with five (5) CASART members, Ron Dearlove, Jim Murphy, Charles Taylor, Eileen Tobin and Rob Winter.  Type II searches were run in the Tassel Hill State Forest with no clues uncovered.

The search had been suspended, but was reactivated on Saturday 01/12/08 because much of the snow had melted and it was thought clues might be uncovered. One (1) CASART member Ron Dearlove and two volunteers searched previously snow drifted field edges. Approximately 65 searchers were out on Saturday.  No clues were found, no new leads were uncovered and the search was suspended.

Weather was clear to cloudy all three days, with temperatures in the high 30’s.  The terrain went from gentle with rolling hills to rugged and had a mix of open fields and woods to dense woods and included some residential areas.  Some swamp land was encountered along with ponds, a beaver pond and a stream.

The subject was found deceased on 04/29/08.  He was 6.9 miles from his home, southerly along the railroad tracks. His body was at the edge of the railroad right of way and was found by a rail inspector.  This was determined to be a suicide.  The cause of death was from a self inflicted gunshot wound.

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