CASART - 15th Activation

Hamilton County, NY 06/18/06 – 06/25/06

CASART was notified on Saturday 06/17/06 at 7:00p.m. by the NYSFEDSAR to activate the team and report to the Assembly Point at the Cedar River Flow Gate to the Moose River Plains by 8:00a.m. Sunday 06/18/06.  Type III searchers and crew bosses were requested to locate Jack Coloney or subject, a 45 year old male who was last seen on Tuesday 06/06/06 when he registered to camp in the Moose River Plains Recreation Area and was reported missing on Friday 06/16/06 when the Assistant Forest Ranger noticed there had not been any activity for several days around the subject’s camp near Lost Ponds.  He was a self employed photographer who had hiked, camped and snowmobiled in the Moose River Plains for many years.  The subject had no known physical or psychological health problems.

Three CASART members responded for the search on Sunday, nine members responded on Monday, seven members responded on Tuesday, six members responded on Wednesday, six members responded on Thursday, four members responded on Friday, six members responded on Saturday and four members responded on Sunday.  The following twenty-four members participated in the search: Adleor Brigham (Searched 1 day), Kay Carmichael (Administrative 3 days & Trailer Transportation), Dan Carmichael (Trailer Transportation), Ron Dearlove (Searched 3 days), Gary Evans (Searched 3 days), Todd Golem (Searched 2 days), Patrick Inserra (Searched 1 day), Keith Kelly (Searched 1 day), Bruce Knudsen (Searched 4 days), Nancy Langham (Searched 2 days), Paul Littman (Searched 3 days & Trailer Transportation), Ray Lougeay (Searched 1 day), John Neeley (Searched 1 day), Bruce O’Hara (Searched 2 days), Greg O’Hara (Searched 4 days), Connie Perry (Searched 2 days), Philip Petty (Searched 1 day), Doug Pirnie (Searched 2 days), Debby Sleeper (Searched 2 days), Judy Nevil (Searched 1 day), Eileen Tobin (Searched 3 days), Don Unsworth (Searched 1 day), Bob Wheeler (Searched 1 day) and Rob Winter (Searched 1 day) for a total of 42 man days of Field Search and 3 man days of Field Administrative Support.  The Activation team of Joanne Kelly, Joan Liddle, Carolyn O’Hara, Tina Olson and Carol Wheeler put in many hours calling everyone.  The weather varied from hot and humid to severe thunder storms with hail.  Black flies, mosquitoes and deer flies were intense and the terrain was fairly rugged and sometimes extremely dense.  The subject’s locked truck was found parked at his campsite, his tent was pitched and screen shelter set up over a picnic table where a cooler with food was found undisturbed.  A kayak was discovered on the trail to the Sumner Creek Stillwater and was confirmed to belong to the subject.  State Police divers searched Lost Ponds, Helicopter searches were conducted most days, K-9 units, Forest Rangers and Volunteer Search Crews searched and the eight day search ended on Sunday afternoon without finding any clues or the subject.

This was the first field deployment of the CASART Trailer for a search.  Forest Rangers and other teams utilized the trailer for sign-in and sign-out, crew briefings, communications and the Forest Rangers borrowed our portable generator to power a radio repeater when their Search and Rescue Van experienced an inverter-converter failure.

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