CASART - 12th Activation

Cayuga County, NY 01/26/06

CASART was notified on Wednesday 01/25/06 by Larry Gordon on behalf of the NYSFEDSAR to activate the team and report to the Weedsport Fire Department on Route 34 at 7:30a.m. on Thursday 01/26/06.  Type III winter ready searchers and crew bosses were requested to locate Adam Brudner or subject, a 61 year old male diagnosed with schizophrenia was last seen at dusk on 01/24/06 walking on a local road by a homeowner who reported the observation to police.  The subject was familiar to local residents and a call was made to the nearby County Home where he was a resident to see if the subject was missing.  When it was confirmed that he was missing a road search was made with no success and additional agencies and DEC Forest Rangers were notified.

The following five (5) CASART members reported: Doug Adams, Ron Dearlove, Bruce Knudsen, Nancy Langham and Bonnie Petty.

The weather was cold, high of 26 with wind and light snow most of the day.  The search area was rural farm land with overgrown sections between fields and along streams that ran through the fields.  The high grass, up to 6ft. and 6” to 8” of snow created many “tepees” and mounds that had to be knocked down to be checked.  Walking through the grass and snow was difficult and there were areas of standing water hidden by grass and snow.

The morning Type III search was conducted in an partially wooded area behind the County Home.  The crew was all CASART with Nancy as the crew boss.  The crews for the afternoon searches was made up of Nancy, Bonnie, Bruce and three volunteers that were late arrivals and a search dog team that Ron was assigned to.

No clues were found and no new information was uncovered.  All pertinent areas had been searched in the three day effort, the subject was considered capable of traveling out of the immediate area, and so the search was terminated until new information became available.

The subject was found deceased on 01/30/06 in a barn three miles outside the search area. 

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